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24 March 2007

Jewels by Jodi

Hey all, I've been making jewellery for about 6 months now (maybe slightly more). Comments and orders (haha) welcome. Let me know if you see anything you'd like to buy or if you'd like anything made. Happy to help....


14 January 2007

Almost forgot.....

Happy Birthday to Poppy who had her 1st Birthday on 7th January!

13 January 2007

It's not you, it's me......

God I am hopeless. Just happened to check a friends blog and realised that I've not even looked at my own recently...Happy New Year by the way!

What's been happening since August ....Hmmmm......Nothing mega exciting to be honest. No rich hunk of a man swept me off my feet yet but there is hope....hopefully!

I had a very quiet Christmas and New Year this time round. Was good but I did miss seeing friends and getting a booze. First New Year ever I have stayed in the house. :o( I did have company though so it wasn't all that bad. To be honest the weather was so pish I'm glad I was indoors. We even had hunky firemen to look at across the road.

Still at college although almost finished and in a dilemma over what to do next - do I go on and do my degree now or have a break? Or do I do a course in jewellery making and develop on that? I dunno - help!!

I've started making jewellery now and sold a fair bit over Christmas - really enjoying it and hopefully will be able to advertise some stuff soon.

My sis got married - you'll have guessed by the photo! haha - she never really. This is a photo of her dressed as a bride as at college she is doing Fashion and Film make-up amongst other things. She is really good at it and I am getting to try things out too - quality!

Dunno if you are bored but I am - it's Saturday night and I am in loaded with the cold! Had to knock back a drink with a nice fella and everything - pure shite! haha

Anyways, I'm phone Sarah cos I promised and she'll probably fall out with me soon if I don't!

Loads of Love

26 August 2006

Did ya miss me .....?

....Didn't think so.

Just thought I should check in and say "hello" to all my buddies. Well, the ones who still check this out.

What have I been up to.......

T in the Park was great, Radio 1's Big Day Out in Dundee was great too. Have the Indian Summer Festival next weekend as well as Robbie at Hampden. I love the Guillemots and am going to see Boy Kill Boy in October (I think).

Well, I went to Gaucin, Spain for a fortnight. Had a lovely relaxing holiday and have come back with a nice tan, bonus! You can check the place at Well worth a visit if you like quiet, relaxing, beautiful village holidays.

What else....... Hmmm.... Still single, working in same place (although applying for other jobs left, right & centre), No longer on my own in da Brig as Russell has moved in down the road, Emmm......Swanie just got the sack - See 'Bored in Leith' for her blog on that - pure shit! I am still skint, but as we all seem to be in the same boat I am no longer worrying about it ..... MUCH!

Anyways, will sign off and try to think of something exciting to write about....after dinner....which Mr Greig is LATE for. Not impressed.

Later Y'all.


22 April 2006

T in the Park 2006

Well, it's nearing and the excitement is building! The line-up looks great so far and I'm already worrying about who I'll miss. The best bands always clash!

I hope I have as good a time as last year. The weather and company was great in 2005. It was my first festival camping experience and it couldn't have been more fun!! This year there are a few more of us going so hopefully it will be better. In 2006 we will have Sarah, Gary, Dan, Dawn, Russell & Me so far. Interesting combination. I just hope Russell and Dawn don't fight too much. I'm sure it's a love/hate thing. haha

I just wonder....

Will She-Pees still be the 'in' thing to use or will it be back to the portaloos?
Will we join the site conga?
Will we experience the Slam tent or the Big Wheel?
Will our neighbours decide to burn their tent to 'I Predict a Riot' again?

Who knows, only time will tell......

And just a final comment...the portaloos were actually not as bad as I expected! Minging but didn't give me the boak!

My annoying neighbours!

Well, first they move in! As if that's not bad enough they drive me and my other NICE neighbours nuts!!

This close was (still is) lovely. The guy upstairs, Willy, specialises in Stained Glass so the close doors are all beautifully decorated. Every door has a different design. I bumped into him today and he pointed out that I have a Magic Mushroom and the 'All Seeing Eye'. Magic!!

Anyway, there was never any trouble until those at flat 1/something or other moved in. They shout, fight and bang about all the time. They leave their rubbish in the close. The young son, who is about 16, buzzes all his pals into the close to hang about. They in turn vandalise it, and vandalise anything else they can get their hands on.

Willy has painted over it god knows how many times, he is such a wee gem!

They also ripped my plants from my nice hanging baskets. They are now all dead, apart from one which is fighting hard! Has adapted to the Eas'siiide fast :op

Last night it all kicked off, which is why I am blogging about it. Buzzer started and didn't stop. Seems the mum doesn't let him in after a certain time and as he doesn't have keys he just keeps his finger on the buzzer or kicks the close door in (which has been repaired twice in the last 4 months due to this). I don't know why she doesn't answer the flamin buzzer, or why he doesn't have keys, I do know that they are driving us all mad!

Apparently last time it all flared up the young guy and his pals threatened my neighbours 3 year old son!! Now that's just out of order and a bit worrying. The youth of today..........

Anyway...rant over until next time his finger gets stuck to the buzzer... now that gives me an idea....... :o)


Excellent! The second series starts on 2nd May. I can't wait.

Will Jack get it on with Kate or will she go for the bad boy in Sawyer? Personally I like Jack, Dr Reliable. Sarah would much rather Sawyer but I'm not sure if she means for herself or Kate!


The whole good boy/bad boy thing, gets us girls every time! Normally I would go for the bad boy but it's got me nowhere in the past to will try from a different angle.

Anyway, what about the others...everyone loves Hurley and Locke! Don't they?

I can't wait to find out what happens in Series 2. I have resisted the temptation to view any of it and am so proud of myself and glad that I did.

It leaves you in suspense every week - not quite as much as 24 but not far off it.

What is down that hatch?
What is going to happen next?!

I'll definetely be tuning in to find out!!

07 April 2006

Bird Flu

So....Swanie (boom boom) informs me that there is a rumour going around that they might cancel T in the Park cos of the bloody Bird Flu!! This better just be a rumour. I would be most upset if it didn't go ahead.

In the papers the other night it apparently said that you shouldn't let out your cats. Sarah said that if rupert ( went out, found a swan that had it, killed it, and ate it, and then came home, and sarah ate him, she'd die! Not a nice thought.

My response.....sue the Queen. They are apparently hers after all and we can get into big trouble for killing a swan! Or, get the Queen to have T in the Park in the back garden of her Palace to compensate!!

Should she take some responsibility if Rupert eats a swan and T in the Park gets cancelled??? Answers on a postcard!

And for the record people, I do know that Swan's are not the only birds but I just felt like making them the only ones for the purpose of my post.

01 April 2006

Lucky pants with holes (and I'm not talking about the crotchless type either!)?!! - surely not!!

Lucky pants came up in a conversation on MSN one evening with Dundee. This conversation went on for some time and made me laugh a lot. Apparently his 'lucky' pants have holes and his 'unlucky' ones are the newer, more intact ones!! Dundee has to date declined to send a picture of his 'lucky' pants for the blog but we will keep trying. (although I should add that we do not want to post a picture of Dundee wearing his 'Lucky' pants as this may offend if the holes are in inappropriate places).

I decided to do some research and ask David (aka the Pest), Gary and Jim.

David likes his pants to be intact and prefers ones similar to that in the picture above. They are all lucky.

Gary doesn't have lucky/unlucky pants. He apparently wears them for a few days and when the crotch feels a bit nasty he changes them. (I had to delete some words - those of you who know Gary can probably guess what he really said!)

Jim made the following statement ' primark pants are tops...better than george or next.......never buy pants from a lucky ones are the ones that fit and dont squeeze u..(or maybe im drinking to much beer) the ones with holes always feel comfy....i only discard them if others can see the i like blue for colour......white can be a bit risky....white is for interviews and visiting parents on a sunday ... oh one more thing price! if you've enough change left from a tenner to get a few pints then yer keks are ok by me....packs of three, big no no no, quality suffers...'

How do these pants become holy in the first place, is it through farting, being ripped off or is it regular washing (which I doubt as these are men after all)?

How would the ladies out there feel if they took a guy home only to discover he was wearing his holy pants?

To be holy, or not to be holy....... that is my question.

The Holypantophobe x

Meet Poppy

Meet the new addition to the family. This is Poppy, my sisters new puppy. She is a 12 week old Laso Apso. A pedigree they tell me but I have my doubts ... hehe. She has the greatest sideshed known to man (on occasion) so no crufts trophies me thinks. On the other hand she plays fetch and is fast becoming a champion in her auntie's eyes.

She is a really affectionate thing, but with teeth like little pins. As she is teething, I can confirm that they are indeed very sharp. Laso Apsos are really good for people with allergies, like my sister who's eyes almost explode when she gets too close to a cat!!

I can recommend a Laso Apso BUT remember folks; A puppy is for life, not just for Christmas, Easter or whatever else.......

My thoughts on the smoking ban so far.....

Have been in a few different pubs over the last couple of days - wake up in the morning and it is GREAT not to be stinking of fag smoke!! You can still smell 'pub' but that doesn't give you the dry boak. It's great to able to see right across the room but it just looks a bit strange just now.

If you are out with a smoker you get left on your own while they nip out for a fag, which actually takes much longer than normal as they then spark up conversations with the other smokers outside. On Thursday night I joined Russell outside Budda for a fag as didn't want to sit alone. It's amazing how many people outside are chatting away. We got talking to 3 different people within the space of about 10 minutes. Russell of course now thinks this is his new way to 'pull'. haha

The 3 people we did end up chatting with didn't have a light (and neither did Russell may I add). My suggestion to the bouncer "why don't you buy cheap lighters in bulk and sell them to the great mass of people asking for a light?". He did like this idea so if you are planning on going to Budda on Sauchiehall Street anytime soon - be prepared to pay if you forget your lighter!! Obviously some people aren't aware that they can still carry a lighter ... or does it come back to the new 'pulling' technique??

A few people I've spoken to about the ban have the same thought about people hanging about on the streets - There will be more fighting!! They can control it in a pub but not on the street.

Anyways, thats a few of my thoughts. The ban will be good for me being an ex-smoker as the temptation is no longer there.........

And a classic from 'Offside' on Monday (courtesy of Gary as I don't watch it) - "when you walk through all the smokers into the pub it's like emerging onto the stage on stars in your eyes"

The Fratellis

Went to see a Glasgow band called The Fratellis on Thursday night at Nice N Sleazys. Good band, catchy tunes, although a couple of songs that didn't do much for me. Love the new song 'Creepin Up The Backstairs'. You can have a listen and watch the video at

My only disappointment was that they only played for 50 minutes and that bloody Dominic Diamond (you must remember gamesmaster?) was bobbing up and down in front of us.......Why do all the tall folk feel the need to head to the front, egh?!

The singer is a bit of a looker and I'm loving his hair! The other two....well, lets just say not my cuppa tea but you can make up your own mind.

Can I also just add that Sleazy's sell buckfast cocktails and buckfast on its own in wine measures!!!! haha. The only pub in Glasgow to do it apparently.